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In early 2013 Drop A Records boomed bigger than we could of ever imagined and it was great, it was so great I don’t know the word for it. Bands and partners just kept flooding our e-mails and the Facebook page, constantly and the Likes, yeah, they sky rocketed as well. Enter late 2013 and everything fell apart and came to halt, so this post is to clear the air of what happened and what’s going to happen with the label.

Our Roster

Two of our bands have left, Cruelty In The Garden‘s contract was up and they decided not to renew with Drop A and In Dying Moments thought it was in their best interest to move on from the label. We have no hard feelings with either bands and will continue to support them the best we can.

That leaves Caitlyn Can Wait, the boys are on hiatus at the time of this posting but with such talent, we’ll make sure they have everything they need when they are ready to come back.

We are always looking for fresh talent, if you like what you see then feel free to contact us.

The Relaunch

The end of 2013 was riddled personal issues that didn’t allow time to be focused on the label and as a result it was put wrongfully on the side.

If you couldn’t tell already, we’ve already started the relaunch of the label with a bang. A brand new logo courtesy of the talented M. Starkey (if you need something done you should shoot him a message).  In 2014, we are starting the year off by getting everything together and in order to accomplish what we need to in the coming year and future.

Our Goal

Our goal remains the same, to help cultivate the music scene and provide support and knowledge to all the bands who need it. We are going to do our best to give to the community as well as a bunch of other really neat surprises. Expect a lot of merch, music, and just general awesomeness from us in the very near future.

Hope that clears up everything, take care and thanks for reading!

- Travis

Internet music web-zine, Rise Above The Anchor interviewed Travis regarding topics ranging from where Drop A Records got the name from and why the label exists in the first place! Enjoy the read and you can see the full interview over at their site - http://riseabovetheanchor.com/interview-travis-whitworth-founder-of-drop-a-records/

Please Introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Travis and I am the founder of a Canadian indie record label, Drop A Records.


What made you want to start Drop A?

I noticed a gap in the development of bands, those who were making it and those who needed help. I knew a lot of talented bands for one reason or another, were not getting the attention of the labels like they deserved. I created Drop A so I could help these bands out, Drop A is a “stepping stone” label which means we aid in the development of a band and help them reach a point where when and if they get noticed by a major label, they know what to expect. Drop A is focused on the music aspect, we wanted to help keep the scenes alive and growing, music is very important.


Can you tell us a little more on how Drop A is different from other labels?

Drop A is different because of our passion and love for music, we are about the bands, the experiences, and meeting great people instead of just strictly seeing them as a product to make us a profit. We stay up to date on the latest trends to provide our bands with the latest tools to help them succeed. I’d like to also get Drop A involved with foundations and charities later on to help people become aware of important social issues such as self-harm and abuse, the saying goes “music saves lives” and I believe that to be very true. I just want to help out as many people as I can and not really for the vanity aspect.


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